Little Brave Heart

Remember those lovable Care Bears?  Next to Tenderheart, Braveheart was my favorite.  Well, our little Liam, our little lion has a heart full of bravery.  A heart that defined itself unlike any other, that found a way to work and allow our little miracle to grow from 2.9 lbs. to over 23 lbs (at 18-months).  A heart that surely has been prayed for many times over.

It has been awhile since I have updated because we really have no new news.  We are waiting for Liam to grow and as he is doing it so well with his trusty little heart, his cardiologist has assured us we can wait for further testing that is less invasive.  Rush (Chicago) will have a new hospital in early 2012 which also means new equipment and more technological advances.  Liam's Cardiologist and I email which I love.  We have met in person a few times for Liam's tests, and it is so nice to able to follow up via email with the head of the entire Cardiac Unit at Rush.

While we want answers now, we trust in His timing, and allow us to live in peace seeing Liam continue to thrive.  He has proven that sheer will can move mountains.  Please continue to keep Liam and his heart in your prayers and we will post again about our little braveheart when we know more!

                                                  Liam at 2 mos (non-adjusted)                            Liam at 17-months (Valentine's Day)

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