Our First...(and Fifth!) Easter!!

Lots more pics to upload, but here are a few for now...






Splish Splash I Took My Bath...

Whatever Makes 'Em Laugh

God love him, E will do whatever it takes to make his brothers laugh and have fun, even climbing in a jungle gym with Li-Li Boo.


E loved dyeing eggs this year. Made enough for our entire family on his own. Love the last picture with all of our eggs! ;)

Miss Bridget

I am starting to "feature" our special helpers...only after they have been coming since October! ;) There are 5 very kind and giving friends who have become part of our family. Some we did not know before this journey, some we did. In any case, the time they spend here they help take care of ALL of our children, fold laundry, load the dishwasher, etc. They do whatever we need to try and leave us in a good spot for the rest of the day. And the days we do not have them here, we do miss them :) What they have given to ous in their time, care, and love is so special.

Miss Bridget (as Ethan refers to her) is a friend from Kane County Relay for Life. We served on the committee together (I took this year off) and Bridget in previous years orchestrated our beautiful luminaria display. Bridget is a Mom and she also came from a very big family and was a nurse, so nothing that happense here stresses or phases her. One of the most fun things we do with Miss Bridget is decide who will be doing what...Ethan loves this game. For example, if we were at the beach...who would be throwing a ball around (Aiden), reading a book or building a sandcastle (Beckham), chasing the girls (Griffin and Aiden) and hanging out with Mommy (Liam) or he could also be found ordering his brothers around ;) E always gets to decide what he does and we laugh a lot at how we can already see their personalities.

Thank you Bridget for all you have done for our family!!

First IceCream Cone of the Season!

Graham's...oh so good! E's favorite, banana chocolate chip!

It's a Bib...It's a Hat...

Silly big brother.

A Lucky Visitor

E following the little leprachaun's trail of coins...he must have come in this window...to the pot of chocolate gold...YUM-O!

Yummy Pot O' Gold Cupcakes made by E and Mommy, painstakingly dyed each layer, but o' so worth it!

Our Wee Irishmen!

The little boys first St. Patrick's Day and their shirts fit their personalities.

Beckham - (Mom's Lucky Charm)

Aiden (Dad's Little Hooligan)

our attempt at a 4-leaf clover

Liam (Daddy's Lucky Charm)

Griffin (Good Luck Charmer)
Not pictured, E, whose shirt read "Kiss Me I'm Irish" and he sure did get lots of kisses that day!

The Great Outdoors!

Whoa were we excited to get outside and have been loving the warmer weather! Our first walk in the beast of a stroller! We all enjoyed it!!

Bathing Brothers

Aiden - Ol' Blue Eyes Aiden & Griffy
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