Bowling Fun

While E was out of school for Thanksgiving Break, he and I took advantage of Mom/Kid bowling at a very cool venue, Pinstripes, in South Barrington.  Yes, you'll have to turn your head to see some of the pics, this laptop is too slow to rotate them.  We bowled 6 games in 2 hours (E with a purple ball of course) and below is his make-your-own sundae at our lunch out.  I always savor my time with my guys one-on-one and E is such an amazing kid and he says the best stuff....here are a few recent ones....

*"Is this how it worked mom?  Aiden was in your tummy, Beckham was in Aiden's, Liam was in Beckham's, and Griffin was in Liam's?  (so cute)... "Do you really think Griffin could have fit in Liam's tummy?"  ;)

*"I am going to have 6,000 children mom...whoa E well you'll have to find a good Mom for them...I'll find you Mom, you are the best at taking care of the babies and me...and even my friends that come over."  God love him!

*"Mom (insert brother's name here) said my name.  Isn't that just the sweetest?"

I am amazed by his level of patience.  We all have our moments, believe me, and who wouldn't?  But in the times I expect him to be frustrated or annoyed, he isn't, he is kind and gentle, he cares if his brothers are upset, he loves when they learn new things, he is such a good big brother.  From him, and his innocence, I learn a lesson, to slow down, take it in, a just be in the moment, the rest will work itself out and in that moment, it doesn't matter anyway.  

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Mommy refuses to call us the t-word

So, what is that t-word?  TODDLERS!  Yikes!  I love when I buy something online and they qualify newborns as 0-24 months.  I mean, do we only get 12 months to be considered new to life?  I know my babies have so many firsts left in them, so I refuse to call them toddlers...yet.  This is my last go at it all, the babyhood, and it has gone so fast, four times as fast, so I will relish my babies for another year and then when they are 2, I will call them toddlers...maybe....

I have been behind on writing, I know it's ok, but I love writing and need to keep track for my boys, so trying to start up again.  We'll see how it goes through the Christmas Season ;)  I keep trying to go back and post, missed a first birthday post, but hey that's what January is for and why I was never good at journaling.  Summer and Fall were amazing and so full, too hard to keep up....

*an incredible 4-year-old turning the big FIVE!..and that 5-year-old learning to swim, ride a bike, complete a set of monkey bars, continue his amazing gift of learning and reading 2 grades ahead
*four babies turning the BIG ONE! pulling up, taking first steps, words, eating table food, becoming real little people...still not saying toddlers...they still sleep with their little butts in the air so that qualifies them as babies :)

I am overwhelmed with pride and love, and always amazed to be a mom of 5 boys!

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