Our Little Reader

(Hit PLAY below for storytime with E ;)

We love that Ethan loves to read and are so proud of him! The love of reading opens up a whole new world. He starting reading basic words when he was 3 1/2 and now a year later, he has just exploded trying to read everything all the time...at the museum last weekend, quietly sitting somewhere in our home reading especially to his brothers, reading the titles of books for storytime at school, enjoying longer books, it's just so cool to see!

On a recent trip to Costco he was reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" but having never seen the word diary before, well somehow he sounded it out to be "Diarrhea of a Wimpy Kid"...and of course announced that to most of the store, lovely. ;)

Here is a video of him reading "The Story of Jonah". We read it once the night before and he did a really great job! Just a few words he was hung up on, and there are some tough ones. He is really comprehending what he reads too. Enjoy! ;)


Team Krol, Winter Olympics 2030, Event Bobsled, USA

And Coach E is off to the side coaching his team to smile for their photo op! ;)


Happiness is....

We are biased, but these kids have some great smiles don't they?!





the little flirt's "how you doin'? look

How much they've grown...

At 4 months...

*Aiden is 13 lbs 5.5 oz. and 23 1/4 inches long
*Beckham is 12 lbs 13 oz and 23 1/4 inches long
*Liam is 11 lbs 7.5oz and 22 inches long
*Griffin is 14 lbs 6 oz and 23 3/4 inches long

they've come a long way from...4.1, 4.1, 2.9, and 3.13 lbs respectively!

*an extra picture of Aiden since he was Mr. Grumpy Pants above

Four Months Old!

Wow, time sure is flying by. I can't say these guys are sleeping through the night at 4 months (1/8/10), but I can say they are amazing us each and every day. Not only is it great to take those moments and soak in their baby-ness, but it's also great to see how much they have grown! Their adjusted age is 7 weeks behind, nearly 2 months, but they sure aren't acting like 2 month olds!

While the weather outside this month was frightful, inside was filled with lots of smiles, babbling, recognizing each other (so cool!), and we absolutely swear that Aiden says "Hi!"...and we aren't the only ones who think it, our special helpers have heard it too.

It takes A LOT to keep these guys going, and they aren't just happy sitting and sleeping in their little bouncy seats anymore, they want to be engaged, doing, and are so aware. Matt and I have handled night duty alone for awhile now and he has been back working out of the house for that same amount of time, so it's been interesting and a little blurry to say the least! While every day we are surrounded by excitement, it is hard to get those moments to take it in, but we try our very best. We have special helpers too, one who comes a few hours a day, sometimes to stay for a couple more ;). Thanks of course to Irene, Bridget, Colleen, Donna, and Grandma Helen. We appreciate their help not only with the babies, but with helping me get E to school, and with the laundry and bottles so we can have more time with our guys. Also thanks to Aunt Nicole for helping us out on Christmas and my parents for their help with getting out of the house with Ethan.

Which brings me to the Big E....he has said lots of very fun stuff this month, and I just can do it justice, you have to have the sweet voice fluctuations, huge expressions (eyebrows and all) and just E saying it, but I'll try...here we go....

*Chocolate kisses are older than chocolate chips!
*Grandma Marion sent me FIVE DOLLARS, now I can buy Subway!
*Do you know how I feel better Mom? Because you gave me a hug AND a kiss!
*Mom if you get lost I'll be there for you - I will lead you.

What can I say, I have 6 wonderfully amazing guys in my life!


Grandma is holding Griffin ;)
It's become a standing joke around here. What can we say, he is the ultimate chunky monkey!
And I'll be in trouble if I don't add that she loves each little and big guy ;)

Grandpa's Balancing Act

Round 1 - Griffin

What Daddy thinks is a funny...ok it is. ;)

Never too young to wrestle.
Last one out is now first in his weight class!
Griffin pinning Beck...all in good fun mates, all in good fun.

Thick as Thieves

Liam and E.
Stick with me kid and I'll teach you everything I know...starting with knock-knock jokes ;)


Photographing Four...

Aren't we adorable? (sorry Aiden still figuring out the new camera and you're a little blurry!)

I'm hungry Aiden and right now your head looks pretty tasty! - Beckham

The very best gifts under the tree ;)
Did you read our onesies...
All Mommy Wants for Christmas is a Silent Night...yeah right!

I'd like to keep that eye, I haven't had a chance to use it that much - Aiden to Beckham

You can take my picture all day - Griffin

Me, I am over this! - Liam

Ethan's Christmas Fun

E got to open his presents and his brothers! This will probably be the one and only year for that! ;) Here are a few of the really fun ones!

His reactions and excitement are contagious! Four is such a fun age especially at Christmastime. Before opening these presents we always give a special, personal gift to Jesus, one of the ways we put the focus back on the true meaning of Christmas...another tradition, to sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus complete with a birthday cake!


What an adorable picture of Beck. Such a sweetie pie!


Christmas Morning continued

Our boys were good this year and Santa was good to our boys ;)






Love that Christmas morning bed head and giddiness!

Club Penguin, so excited! Notice Matt in the background...what a pro!

Leapster My Amusement Park, let's you create your very own amusement park, cool!

Hot ticket - Zhu Zhu pets...the closest thing we'll ever get to hamsters or anything like them in this house!

Christmas Smiles

E, November '05
Christmas morning was the first morning I felt that I was able to just relax with my family and cuddle with all of my boys throughout the day. Having 4 babies is incredible, but we often wish we had 8 arms to go along with them. It is also difficult to feel like time is passing so quickly and there is not as much time to spend just gazing at each other as you do with your first little bundle. Just because I have 4 babies though, and I know Matt feels the same way, we won't give up these moments and we will do whatever it takes to etch them in our memories.

Liam is such a happy little guy, he smiled at me when I was finally able to see him on his second day of life...twice...a sly little smirk. This time I got a full out smile, one of my most special Christmas gifts.

He is 3 months here, and reminds me of another smiley guy (E) at 5 months old (top picture). Now they could be nearly identical twins ;)

Sweet Christmas Sentiments

Ethan covering up one of his brothers for a nap. These are the moments we treasure...

Santa is Messy...but Polite!

Wow, Santa sure is a messy guy! He WAS in a hurry afterall. And we are sure we heard bells in the night from the reindeer, who by the looks of it sure enjoyed their carrots! As E pointed out, those silly reindeer even ate the green stems! :)

E was sad to see Ralph the Elf go, but it was nice of Santa to
leave him a yummy chocolate sucker and letter promising he will look after Ralph until next December!

A Special Thank You

While we have received support from our community this year, and we are ever so grateful, we wanted to take a moment to thank those who helped make our Christmas even more special. We were contacted by a few individuals who felt the want to help our family. Thank you to Kiddie Academy in Batavia, Dominick's in Geneva, and the Giving Tree from St. Mary's Catholic Church in Huntley (where my Dad Lou serves as a Deacon and my Mom is very involved).

They helped us with everything from cans of gold...ahem, Neosure formula ;) to sleepers for the winter to toys for the boys and Ethan. Growing our family by 4 overnight has had its challenges financially, but God sure is good and has worked through others to help us out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To everyone else who has sent a message, a donation to the diaper/formula fund, made blankets, prayed for our family, we are forever appreciative. Please know we will get thank yous out when we can. For now I am sure you can understand that any free time (and I use that term very loosely) while the babies are sleeping we are spending with Ethan and ensuring his life stays as normal and fun and complete as possible is our goal.

Christmas Morning

Filled to the brim, thanks Santa!

Foosball, yahoo!! Air hockey and pool too, the perfect size for Ethan! Of course he was more excited about Wii Resort!

Thanks Santa, this should keep us busy while we're locked inside!!

To the babies from Santa...he sure knows what we need!

'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

All snuggled up and tucked in...ready for Santa!

Our little Christmas Elf, Aiden, up past his bedtime!

O Christmas Trees

2 of our 3 Christmas Trees...a big feat getting all 3 up and the house decorated this year, but so glad we did it!!

What God Wants for Christmas

Ethan loves this activity...it's an interactive nativity and at the end it answers what God really wants for Christmas...You!

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