Happy 2 Be Me (9-month pictures)

Found these shirts at Carters and love them, actually bought them in 2 sizes...they say "Happy 2 Be Me"


9-Month Well Visit (yes we are 10 months my mom is a little behind)

Aiden, Crazy AI shall call him mini-me, Daddy and Griffin
Mommy and LiamLi-Li BooBig BroBeck and Miss Bridget, he loves her!

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

I love the shadows in this picture just as much as the picture itself!

Soap Floats

Cosley Zoo - 06.06.10

We figured our first zoo trip should be low key so we headed to Cosley Zoo.  We ended up being part of the attractions at times (they had their first random picture taken), but all the boys enjoyed being out in the fresh air.  Ethan remembered some of the special things about the zoo, such as the huge, fat bunny, his favorite owls, the blonde horse that has been there forever, and of course the best the little red caboose.  It was the perfect size outing for us! 



Our babies have been teething for months!!  In early June both Griffin and Aiden's first bottom tooth peeked through, finally poor guys!  Now that it's early July, Griffin has been hard at work and has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom), Aiden 2, Beckham 1 little tiny tooth poking through the bottom, and Liam just has to get one any day.  He has been teething awfully!  Here are some photos in their "first tooth" onesies ;)

Backseat Buddies

In early June these three amigos were ready for their big boy carseats! 

Wiggles Wonder

Saturday morning, daddy and his boys and some Wiggles fun!

Crazy Aiden

Before Aiden learned to crawl, he loved standing on his head.  Always good for a laugh!

Preschool Graduation and Mommy is Sappy

Two years of preschool went by so quickly.  At the end of May E graduated and the little ceremony his school held was perfect.  I can clearly remember back to picking preschools and how overwhelming the decision seemed.  Ethan is so outgoing and loves learning, we knew he would thrive, but finding the right fit was the concern, that and he had just turned 3. 

It's always special to look back on something and see God's hands working.  We had a little bit of a rough start, but Ethan learned a lot about himself in those two years, we learned a lot about ourselves as parents too.  Academically, Ethan has always excelled and we have always made that a priority, whether a child loves to learn or not, you can reach them in so many ways when they are young.  Being Ethan's first teacher has been so special to me, I love to watch him put things together and build his confidence. 

The biggest praise we received this year is that you could not tell Ethan had 4 baby brothers in this school year.  He was confident and comfortable in his preschool setting and at home and that meant the absolute world to us because a happy Ethan and 4 healthy babies is all we could ever ask for.  We are so proud of him. 

We are also beyond grateful to Ethan's teachers and his school's director.  They create a safe, loving, caring, fun environment and they sure don't do it for the pay!  They have supported our family in so many ways and have touched our hearts forever. 

He is beyond excited to enter Kindergarten.  And is reading first grade level books and flying through them.  Even more than reading is the comprehension, he understands what he reads and picks up on things I miss.  His teachers commented that they had never had a child reading at his level so early on.  He also can do math, just yesterday counting his months backwards to figure out what month it was when his brothers were 2 months old and today declaring in the car that 5 is the middle of 10! 

Just the other day we were at "teacher store" nearby - Ethan, Liam, and I.  The woman overheard Ethan and said to me, it's a shame you don't have more children, he is so polite and a teacher's dream.  I did mention that I had 3 other baby boys at home (which led to a whole other discussion), but how sweet were those words, especially in the moments I doubt, second-guess, etc.  These moments are gifts from God. 

Why do I mention these things, not to overinflate ourselves - if you truly know us and know me, you know I am quite hard on myself and it's nice to hear the positive.  First and foremost I want Ethan to read this someday and be proud of himself, to know his foundation is strong, solid and he has every reason to be completely confident.  We have already been a part of, when there is something good, people will always try to knock it down, and E, you have no reason not to shine because you are one incredible little guy.  While there will be hard years and tough times, while we can certainly do things better as parents, we don't want you to doubt ever that we gave it our all, will continue to, and E, you always have us in your pocket, on your side, doing whatever we can to help you become who God intended you to be.  And this my dear sweet E is just the beginning!! 


Going Private

After careful deliberation we are going to go private with our blog in a few days.  We have noticed strange traffic on the blog and still have not become comfortable with the idea of anyone being able to see pictures of our family.  While we have opened our family up to the spotlight so to speak to shed light on things that are of great concern to us, cancer for example, at this time I do not find that my blogging purpose, maybe someday down the road, but not for now.  Unfortunately, this will limit the number of readers we can have.  We will see how this goes and may end up going public again. 

We hope this does not discourage you to continue to follow us, your words of encouragement in all arenas have been treasures to us, truly, and if you would like to do so, you can send me an email at kennedy920@hotmail.com for an invite.

We greatly appreciate all of your support and understanding! 

(If you are already a follower of our blog you should not be affected)


Pool Fun (Memorial Day Weekend)

Yes, it was just the 4th of July.  I am catching up!  These pictures are from the baby boys first pool fun.  Since these pictures, they are much more pool savvy.  I am too in terms of getting them all suited up, sunscreened, safe loading and unloading, etc.  It is a great way to get out some energy and they absolutely love the water, that is the inch of it we put in the pool ;)  Ethan has enjoyed his sprinklers, pools, slip n' slides...ahh what summer is all about!!!


First Day at the Park

(May 2010) 
Loving the swings, silly Griffin, who almost missed all the action sleeping.



Swinging Buddies, Happy Babies :)

Cool Big Bro.

Aiden, a pro at the swing :)

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