Happy Half Birthday Boys!

On March 8th the boys turned 6 months old and we make any excuse to celebrate and any excuse for cake! ;) Happy Half Birthday to our fantastic four! And because I know someone will ask, no of course we did not give the little boys cake...and sadly I did not get to partake in any either...whose idea was it to give up sweets for Lent?!

Can't believe our little cutie pies are 6 months old already! Wowsa!! Will update soon with more pictures and notes on what they are all up to these days!

the babies are upset they can't have cake (ha!) , but the look on E's face is priceless!

It's Christmas in March!

Can you imagine cleaning 4 high chairs 3 times a day every inch, nook, and cranny?! We could and decided yeah, maybe not! Our quad table arrived just in time as the babies were starting to eat baby food. It took them a little while to get adjusted, but it is such a lifesaver.

Thanks Mary Canizzaro from St. Peter's Catholic Church, our church family, for raising the funds for this table!

So cute Beck always reaches for Aiden's hand as soon as they sit down. :)


E's Day Out

Sunday, February 22nd was E's Day Out! It was such a great day! We kept it a secret until E woke up that morning, the grandparents arrived to take care of the babies, and we told E we had a big surprise for him. Then we got him into the car and gave him his first clue, a book about dinosaurs. Being the smart little cookie he is, he guessed we were going to a museum, but he had no idea he was about to see SUE! We explored the museum and seriously could have stayed another whole day there was so much to see. It's extra special to take your kids somewhere you went as a child and then relive it through their eyes. E even wanted to see the DIAMONDS exhibit, and I wasn't about to argue.

After the museum, we hit up Cheesecake Factory on Michigan Ave. for a quick bite. E had a "fizzy drink" aka Kiddie Cocktail, his second time tasting "pop." We sang "Happy Birthday" to Matt (his bday was on the 19th) and then headed over to the Cadillac Palace for "101 Dalmations the Musical." I have to agree with E that it was super cool especially at the end when real dalmations come out for a grand finale with a bunch of tricks. If you have a chance to go see it, the Krols give it thumbs up!

E passed out on the way home and Matt and I were thrilled to have spent a day with him and soak him in. Thanks Mom, Dad, and Helen for helping take such good care of the babies while we were away!

And I have to write this because I want my oldest son to remember the special moment he gave me as Matt and I do....I came downstairs Sunday morning to E making something at the kitchen table. In the diamonds exhibit they had a beautiful tiara and I must have commented on it because next thing you know, I have my very own pink tiara with sparkles. All his idea, Daddy helped with the design, and all for me. I am truly a lucky princess!

What a great shot of E with SUE, the museum was closing, I think we were the last visitors inside!

E dug out this dinosaur tooth...

it's just his size...goofball!

yep it's a tooth, wonder how much the toothfairy gives for one that size!

scared to shrink to 1/100 of his original size!

ok, totally felt like we were in "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" and then made a mental note for E to watch that movie b/c he had no idea what we were talking about!

3D Dinosaurs Alive...yikes!!


Star of the Week

In March, Ethan was "Star of the Week" at school. He got to take a suitcase home overnight along with Clifford, answer all kinds of questions about him (see below) and then come up with a story about the Big Red Dog. He was beyond thrilled, especially to tell all of his classmates ALL ABOUT HIM!

He also wanted his picture to include his brothers...how sweet!

Here are some of his special answers!

my favorite food...Sweet n' Sour Chicken

when I grow up I want to be...a fireman, astronaut, Daddy

my favorite color...purple

my birthday....June 16th!

my pets....1 fish Bubbles

my favorite book...Tickle the Duck

my favorite sport...I LOVE all sports!

my favorite subject...Science

I really enjoy....reading, playing Wii, doing Science experiments, taking adventures

my favorite tv show....Wow Wow Wubbzy!


Tummy Time

Griffin, Liam, and Aiden...
Beck sleeping.

Happy Heart Day!

First Valentine's Day!

Trading Smiles

Liam & Aiden, smiling buddies :)

I Want To Be Like E

In E's Tent

We want to go where E goes, do what E does...
We want to be like E!

Playing Webkinz ;)

Olympic Gold!
Griffin, Aiden, Beckham, Liam - 5 months

Looking @ E trying to make them smile

L-O-V-E Big Brother!

So sweet Griffy & Aiden

Sweetheart Swing

E and I had so much fun at his preschool's Sweetheart Swing. It was great for us to spend time together. He even asked if he could give me a kiss....ooooh ;)

He looked so dapper in his little blazer and jeans, it made me get all choked up, he looked so old! :)

Tell Me All About It

Aiden and Liam chatting it up...they actually squeal back and forth to each other trying to see who is loudest ;)

Although they are frat bros (fraternal) they look so much alike!

Li Li Boo

Cuddly. Aww..

Peaceful little baby ;)
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