5 New Additions...

Butterflies - Ha!

Ethan is such a loving, caring kid. It sure did show when he raised his 5 butterflies. He took care of them each and every day, sang to them, encouraged them, everything. He even named them...
Wingey, Lovey, Cuddles, Cutie, and Sweetie.

We released the butterflies on May 12th and we all swear we have seen them flying around here since. We think they miss all the chaos! ;)

Love the last picture and his sweet little hand.


In April we got the go ahead to use the exersaucer for short periods of time for everyone but Liam. They love it!




Crazy Dress Up Day

School Spirit Week included a crazy dress up day...here's E's very own creation...nice job bud!

(In boy-land wearing mismatched sports gear is absolutely insane!) :)

Takin' It Outside

Our first playgroup outside. Don't you love our matching hats?

House Calls

In April, two of our favorite nurses from Dr. Chris' office came by to help out with the boys so we could get some things done around the house that had been neglected for too long. It was a productive afternoon!

Thanks Lynn and Marilyn for making a house call, that was pretty special!!

Cheering on E

We stepped out of our home as a family and onto the soccer fields to cheer on Ethan. He has been playing since he was 3 and really enjoys it and he is GOOD!

Of course the traveling circus got some attention, but people were on their best behavior for the most part ;) The boys did so great and enjoyed the fresh air. It was so great to be out together and the boys loved it! And Ethan enjoyed having his own cheering section!


Back seat buddies Liam & Beckham
Driverseat Aiden & Griffin


The Birth of Our Boys...

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