Summer Ridin'

E progressed from his cool Razor scooter to riding his bike without training wheels by August!  So proud of him for being so determined.  Now we're on to look mom, one hand, no hands, no feet...and this is just the beginning! ;)

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More Summer Highlights

4th of July

my patriotic little men!

A trip to the rock park and these shots were quite the feat to manage, but we did get them yeah!!

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Little Fishies

Another highlight of summer, some pool time!  Thanks to Tia Irene and Tio Greg for inviting us over, our boys love the water, and Ethan made some serious progress this summer with his swim lessons.  He can swim underwater!! 

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Rollercoasters baby!!

Summer birthdays are super fun, Ethan woke on his actual birthday to open gifts from mom, dad, and his brothers…a new helmet, skateboard, roller skates, Wii game, and remote control air plane.  Then we moved it on out to spend an entire day at Great America opening up the park and shutting it down with a funnel cake birthday cake, complete with a smuggled in candle for E.  It was such a full, amazing day!!!  We are so proud of you E and had the absolute most incredible day with you sweetheart!!  Thank you for being so fun-loving, sweet, wonderful, we are so blessed to be your parents!!!



E, "this is the bestest, most awesome day ever!!"

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Hello Again, Hello…

We have had quite the summer and early fall.  While I have missed blogging, I wanted to soak in absorb every moment of this summer with my boys.  Last summer was spent in a bed for me, so it was so worth it to just focus on and live it!!  Our summer began with Ethan’s 5th birthday and ended with Aiden, Beckham, Liam, and Griffin turning the big 1!!  What amazing memories we made! 

Ethan Turns 5!
Ethan’s fifth birthday turned out to be a couple days before the much anticipated (at least in this household) Toy Story 3, 3D was released.  We do birthdays big since we don’t do trips, vacation, dinners out, big purchases, etc., so birthdays are our thing for now at least.  We celebrated with a 3D IMAX party for Ethan and his friends and it was just such a fun, memorable day! 

Ethan’s party cakes! 
*5 is the rite of passage in our home for gum so this gumball cake perfectly commemorated that, and then the little green aliens from Toy Story were sooooo cute, Ethan fell in love with them.  The popcorn cupcakes were just too cool and we thought they were really fun to make too. 

The party!!  The pictures speak for themselves!

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