When setting up the blog, I had given some thought to making it private. Unfortunately, there is a limit if you do to how many people can view your blog and you have to receive an invitation to view it. I know our blog address has been forwarded on and I think it is great to have those who have prayed for our family be able to check in if they want and see what is going on.

So I am able to feel a little more comfortable about who is coming to our site, I would appreciate you becoming a "follower" of our blog if you check in regularly. It just helps me know that those who are checking in on us are extended family and friends. I post pictures of our kiddos here and details of our lives and just want to feel better about who is keeping updated on us.

Thanks a bunch!!!

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  1. I stop by often to check on all of you! Looking forward to the day I get to see all SEVEN of you. :)


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