We are blessed to have my Grandma and Grandpa LaFever here with us at 90 and 91 years of age! They have been so important in not only my life, but in Matt's and Ethan's as well. They are the absolute best grandparents anyone could ever ask for. I only hope when the time comes I can provide the same unconditional love, wisdom, humor, and support to my boys' children.

We were unable to attend my Grandparents 70th wedding anniversary. Yes, 70 years of marriage, something surely to celebrate! While we missed seeing everyone and enjoying the party, we are on "lockdown" until May to avoid swine flu, seasonal flu, and RSV. All potentially dangerous especially for 4 newborns and especially for preemies. Anyone with higher-order multiples knows the term lockdown well. :(

Our grandparents were able to come visit the next day. It was so very special for them to hold our boys! They were so happy to see them and take in their sweet little baby boyness ;)

Grandma Marion and Becks

(and no we don't usually have the pack-n-plays by the front door).

Grandpa Jack and Liam Jack

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