Liam's Echo

Liam had a good night of sleep after all of the commotion yesterday. His IV was put in and he was last able to eat at 2am. This morning he was hungry, but handling it so well. He even gave me a few of his trademark smirks. ;)

When Matt & I came down to the prep area, the anesthesiologist met us to talk about general anesthesia. Both last night and this morning we were told he would only need an oral medication and that the echo could have been done bedside. Well, they need the "perfect echocardiogram" so they decided the general was best. we just handed our little boy over and are now waiting for the update. They promised to closely monitor his apnea and bradycardia.

Please pray Liam will handle the anesthesia well and that the echo will give us ALL the information we need. That they will be able to determine the paths of blood flowing to and from his heart and that he will need no more tests or intervention. We pray Liam WILL NOT need the cardiac catheter. More complications with this test. I have been witness to my father having these tests, and now my little sweetheart.

We pray that although Liam's heart may be working differently than ours, that it is healthy and he will not need open heart surgery. We ask this all with such thankful hearts for his health so far and for the blessings of our boys.

I am so proud of all of my children for their bravery.

Will update as we can.

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  1. Praying for all of you!!!!

    XOXO, Kim Magnan (and boys!)


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