Christmastime >PLAY!

Christmas Music...Christmas Lights...Let's Start the Season!

Our adventures used to be a little more grand ;) but the thing is we are still having them despite all the chaos! Today I gave E 4 clues to a surprise...1.)He could wear his pjs, 2.)It would be at nighttime, 3.)We wouldn't leave the car, and 4.)It was going to be super-fun!

There is a massive home...ok mansion...owned by a landscaping company near here. It's absolutely beautiful from the outside anyway. They have a bazillion lights all set to music (the link to a live feed is below). I am sure we'll visit again, but a very fun way to start the season!

Aiden got to go with since he was the only brother fed and ready! We'll have to wait for that bigger vehicle to go together.

E asked if we could move there ;) Now that would be an adventure!

Next stop...trying to find the home with the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!

Ready for the surprise!


http://www.countywidelandscaping.com/main.html (click on Christmas lights for a live feed!)

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