Christmas Smiles

E, November '05
Christmas morning was the first morning I felt that I was able to just relax with my family and cuddle with all of my boys throughout the day. Having 4 babies is incredible, but we often wish we had 8 arms to go along with them. It is also difficult to feel like time is passing so quickly and there is not as much time to spend just gazing at each other as you do with your first little bundle. Just because I have 4 babies though, and I know Matt feels the same way, we won't give up these moments and we will do whatever it takes to etch them in our memories.

Liam is such a happy little guy, he smiled at me when I was finally able to see him on his second day of life...twice...a sly little smirk. This time I got a full out smile, one of my most special Christmas gifts.

He is 3 months here, and reminds me of another smiley guy (E) at 5 months old (top picture). Now they could be nearly identical twins ;)

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