Four Months Old!

Wow, time sure is flying by. I can't say these guys are sleeping through the night at 4 months (1/8/10), but I can say they are amazing us each and every day. Not only is it great to take those moments and soak in their baby-ness, but it's also great to see how much they have grown! Their adjusted age is 7 weeks behind, nearly 2 months, but they sure aren't acting like 2 month olds!

While the weather outside this month was frightful, inside was filled with lots of smiles, babbling, recognizing each other (so cool!), and we absolutely swear that Aiden says "Hi!"...and we aren't the only ones who think it, our special helpers have heard it too.

It takes A LOT to keep these guys going, and they aren't just happy sitting and sleeping in their little bouncy seats anymore, they want to be engaged, doing, and are so aware. Matt and I have handled night duty alone for awhile now and he has been back working out of the house for that same amount of time, so it's been interesting and a little blurry to say the least! While every day we are surrounded by excitement, it is hard to get those moments to take it in, but we try our very best. We have special helpers too, one who comes a few hours a day, sometimes to stay for a couple more ;). Thanks of course to Irene, Bridget, Colleen, Donna, and Grandma Helen. We appreciate their help not only with the babies, but with helping me get E to school, and with the laundry and bottles so we can have more time with our guys. Also thanks to Aunt Nicole for helping us out on Christmas and my parents for their help with getting out of the house with Ethan.

Which brings me to the Big E....he has said lots of very fun stuff this month, and I just can do it justice, you have to have the sweet voice fluctuations, huge expressions (eyebrows and all) and just E saying it, but I'll try...here we go....

*Chocolate kisses are older than chocolate chips!
*Grandma Marion sent me FIVE DOLLARS, now I can buy Subway!
*Do you know how I feel better Mom? Because you gave me a hug AND a kiss!
*Mom if you get lost I'll be there for you - I will lead you.

What can I say, I have 6 wonderfully amazing guys in my life!

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