Ralph the Elf

We had a fun little visitor this Christmas, Ralph the Elf (of Elf of the Shelf fame). He turned up in the craziest places...hanging from our miseltoe, in the Christmas tree, in Ethan's mailbox reminding him to mail his list to Santa, peering over the "No Girls Allowed" sign in the playroom-E's favorite spot, he landed somewhere new each morning he returned from the North Pole.

We were sad to see our fun friend leave Christmas Eve, but we know he'll be back next year to keep track of all the good little boys in our home!

1 comment:

  1. I am loving reading all your updates!! we have Frank and Charlie who are elves sent by Santa about a week before Christmas.. we find them hanging from chandeliers, driving tonka trucks, playing candy land... lol. so FUN!


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