It's Christmas in March!

Can you imagine cleaning 4 high chairs 3 times a day every inch, nook, and cranny?! We could and decided yeah, maybe not! Our quad table arrived just in time as the babies were starting to eat baby food. It took them a little while to get adjusted, but it is such a lifesaver.

Thanks Mary Canizzaro from St. Peter's Catholic Church, our church family, for raising the funds for this table!

So cute Beck always reaches for Aiden's hand as soon as they sit down. :)


  1. that is so cool !! so do you always sit them in the same order? and I see they are not dressed the same ... oh.. so cute they are!!

  2. It is really helpful! Yes, we sit them in birth order A, B, L, and G. And they usually are never dressed the same unless it's a milestone picture day. Otherwise different outfits...their personalities are already SO different!


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