Star of the Week

In March, Ethan was "Star of the Week" at school. He got to take a suitcase home overnight along with Clifford, answer all kinds of questions about him (see below) and then come up with a story about the Big Red Dog. He was beyond thrilled, especially to tell all of his classmates ALL ABOUT HIM!

He also wanted his picture to include his brothers...how sweet!

Here are some of his special answers!

my favorite food...Sweet n' Sour Chicken

when I grow up I want to be...a fireman, astronaut, Daddy

my favorite color...purple

my birthday....June 16th!

my pets....1 fish Bubbles

my favorite book...Tickle the Duck

my favorite sport...I LOVE all sports!

my favorite subject...Science

I really enjoy....reading, playing Wii, doing Science experiments, taking adventures

my favorite tv show....Wow Wow Wubbzy!

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