Baptism Day - Getting Ready...

The boys were baptized in a small ceremony on May 2nd. Liam had surgery 2 days later on May 4th and we had to keep all, especially Liam, completely healthy. While we hoped we could have had a larger celebration, it was the best decision for us. It was a beautiful ceremony that Grandpa Lou performed and a blessed day.

(Just before I went in to deliver the boys, my Dad baptized them in my womb. It was special to feel they were completely in God's hands before we began).

Getting Ready...
Aunt Nicole spent the night and Grandma Helen came by in the morning to help as well. I had everything organized and ready to go, learning that there is no such thing as too much preparation. I dressed all the boys and got all choked up as they looked so much older in their little baptism outfits and oh-so-handsome, just like big brother!






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  1. They look adorable. We had the same batism outfits for our boys!


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