Liam the Brave

A little behind on my blogging, Liam's hernia surgery was May 4th.

It's always difficult, way difficult to hand your child over for surgery of any kind, and with Liam heightened because of the concerns with his heart. While he was completely cleared for the procedure, we worried and ultimately put everything into God's hands as He has always taken care of our little sweetheart.

It is always emotional for me to be back at Rush, the sounds, smells, all of it remind me so much of my 8 weeks there, and just our entire journey. We knew Liam was in good hands as the doctor had performed the same surgery on Griffin when he was in the NICU. Still, there is absolutely nothing like seeing your child again after they are so sad to be taken from you and lovin' on them.

We keep telling Liam he doesn't have to go to such lengths to get some alone time. ;)

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