Naptime Antics

We finally broke down and purchased a video camera for the baby boys' room.  They are now 18-months old and we need to put action to all the voices/sounds/noise/craziness we hear over the monitor.  Today I am watching them and the goofiness begins.  Aiden and Beckham go down to sleep nicely.  Griffin and Liam usually do too, but not today, they decided it was party time.  Griffin doing silly stuff to make Liam laugh.  Liam being silly back and I am thinking they need to get to sleep...1 hour later.  Neither is upset, just not much progress being made in the sleep department.  Then Liam decides he is done...no one should mess with Liam and his sleep.  He is probably our best sleeper, once he is down that is, but he literally takes his naptime seriously and it's not pretty if he doesn't get his rest.  Griffin throws his blanket into Liam's crib.  Liam gets up, chucks the thing back at Griffin and huffs back down into bed.  Liam done.  Griffin wins.  And now nearly 1.5 hours later Griffin is finally asleep.  Yes this will surely mess up bedtime, but instead of wanting to wring their necks, I just wanted to laugh, and so laugh is what E and I did as we watched those silly monkeys :)

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