An Epic Event

Good gravy, it was a ton of work, but sooo very worth it!  A sale of all sales, more than a year in the making, sorting, organizing, laundering, donating, donating, donating, pricing, hauling, parting, remembering, all things baby boy.  Trying to squeeze in time on weekends, nights, etc. when there really isn't any time, but we did it, yahoo!  Matt and I had everything coordinated, ready, organized, and clean, go Team Krol! We have hung on to the special outfits and toys and probably still too much but oh I have a memory for almost everything.  While it was tough to part with some of it (I still could not give up a few things maybe next time), it feels good to have our basement back again and a fresh start and some funds to put toward something we have been working toward for a long time and praying for to work out!  You'll have to stay tuned for more on that!

Friday started out blah, but we're used to that weather here in April so we are so grateful for all the buyers who were out that morning waiting for us to open!  Thankfully Matt was home, Tia Irene was over to help and we were able to open and get E to school on time ;)  Saturday big thanks to Tia Irene again and Grandma Helen for helping us out.

Saturday's weather was so much nicer and E ended up selling $50 worth of lemonade thanks to some sweet customers and generous donations from 2 Grandmas.  He is quite the salesman, people would say, "how can you say no to him?"  He was relentless.  Today he made his donation to the Red Cross.  He even came up with a joke and we wrote it with chalk..What kind of playtime do lemons have?  Squeeze-Time!" :)

Aiden's pouty and at the same time threatening do not dare sell this chair face...
if only there were 4 my dear! :)

E making his donation!

And as I am looking out the window today, I am so glad we did the sale last weekend!

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  1. how awesome is that! E is the smartest, sweetest and most thoughtful little boy!


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