Pictures of Our Boys....Little Liam


Liam, or Little Liam as we affectionately refer to him, has surprised us all. Although he was the smallest at birth and Mom's last growth ultrasound put him at a much higher weight, he is on room air and keeping up with his brothers. Liam had an IVH (grade 1 brain hemorrhage) and we hope by his next ultrasound on day 14 he will show signs that his brain has re-absorbed the blood. It should not affect his development or health moving forward. He is the most alert and engaged in our visits with those beautiful eyes of his. Liam loves to smile, on one of our first visits I held up a mirror to see his face better and he just grinned and grinned into it. I am quite certain that he will join Ethan as another comedian in our brood and they will ensure there is no shortage of laughter in our household!

I wanted to add that Liam was "Baby B" in my womb. While many prayers were said for ALL of our boys, there were extra prayers said for Liam as he was always on the smaller side....well he may be small but he sure is one tough cookie!

Already wide-eyed on his birth day!

Just born!

Snug as a Bug

Soooo Cute!

What a sweetie!

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