Pictures of Our Boys....Griffin's Debut


It would not surprise us if Griffin turns out to be the most fearless in our crew. He moved from his isolette to an open crib first and is the most eager to start bottle feeding. He has had the most heart rate drops of the group, but usually recovers on his own and will grow out of these episodes as he matures. He is the only one with dark hair and looks the most different so far from his brothers. While we chose "Finn" as a nickname, he may turn out to be too mysterious - ha! Griffin is quite the charmer with that smile of his -one of the nurses already refers to him as her boyfriend :)

OK, am now realizing we need to get a picture of the Griffmeister with his eyes open!!

Our first official Griffin photo!

First bottle feeding.

Little Cuddle Bug!

Griffin and his long legs!

Cuddly and content.

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