Aiden is Home!

Late night and finally HOME, yeah!

Holding true to his "A status", Aiden is the first one to come home (at 36 weeks exactly!). Last Tuesday (9/30) we arrived home with Aiden at about midnight! He passed his carseat test earlier in the week and was A&B free (apnea and bradicardia) for the required 5 days. The first night he "slept" (and I use that term very loosely!) with his hands over his ears being used to the sounds of the monitors and other babies in his NICU pod. He also has night/day a little mixed up since the NICU is 24/7 with lights on around the clock sometimes. We were also surprised to see how alert and aware he was -- such a difference from our visits and so thrilled to have him home! While he did have very good care at Rush, he just seems more "himself" and more content, especially in his plush bouncy seat!

Ethan took him on an official tour the next morning and was so excited to have him home too. We have also heard 100 million times from E's mouth, "mom isn't he just so cute?"...sweet but also an ulterior motive in that all the NICU nurses have told E how Aiden looks just like him! :)

While we love having Aiden home, it is bittersweet. We see much more of his personality while he is here and really feel like we can bond with him so much better in our home. It has made it even more difficult to leave "the brothers" behind every day on our visits, which we now tag-team getting down to Rush. We will be exhausted when they are all home we know, but happy to have them all together!

And look at the last photo...Aiden's first trip to see Dr. Chris (can't say how much we love her and her team who were so excited to meet Aiden and play with E)...we're on our way home, E just had his flu shot and Aiden is pooped from the visit. E reached in to grab Aiden's hand, held it the whole way home as they both slept...now that can give you a toothache! :)

sleepy little bug in his papasan bouncy

Tour Guide "E"

Brotherly love...and proof for the teenage years ;)

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