Griffin & Liam's Surgery

Tomorrow (10/6) Griffin is scheduled for surgery, he has a bilateral hernia. When I was visiting on Friday night the nurse noticed it on the right side. The surgeon confirmed it was on both sides. Of course hearing the word hernia, I asked for the attending to come take a look as well as the last time we heard of a "hernia" it was in fact a tumor (for Ethan). So, we are confident after seeing the area in question and talking to Dr. Patel that it is indeed a double hernia for Griffin :(

The incidence of hernia in preemie males is about 60%, so poor Griffin didn't escape the odds. We just got the call at 3:00 today that he is schedule for tomorrow. He has had "bradys" aka heart rate drops and actually had one at 8:30 last night when I visited, but this so far is not preventing him from surgery. The importance of performing the surgery is because the hernia currently is soft and pliable, but could become impacted leading to an emergency situation, so we certainly want to take care of it as soon as possible and the surgeons and neonatologist do feel Griffin is in good health to proceed. I will not know for sure until tomorrow morning when I meet with the surgeon and anesthesiologist if it will be local or general.

Please keep Griffin in your prayers to remain stable during surgery, have no negative reaction to the anesthesia, to have no more heart rate drop episodes and to have a strong recovery (i.e. he doesn't take any steps backwards).

Liam will also need surgery but is not yet big enough in size to have it performed. He will have to have it most likely after he comes home. Liam has been experiencing major "brady" episodes. Saturday night during Matt's visit he needed stimulation and dropped his heart rate to 50, he did this again yesterday while I was feeding him and needed me to stimulate him to "bring him back up". It is certainly scary to have your child start to go limp in your arms and need your help. This is still just being attributed to a sign of his prematurity.

Please pray that Liam outgrows these brady episodes quickly and is able to come home soon. Sometimes the 5 day brady count (5 days brady free before going home) can really drag out and we don't want little Liam left behind in the NICU. Turns out Griffin really does not either...maybe he feels badly for sitting on Liam's head for nearly 8 months ;) Anyhow his brady yesterday was literally 5 seconds after Liam's. Griffin can relieve himself usually though and bring his heartrate back up. As I say, he just doesn't want to leave brother behind....

Thanks for the prayers we will keep you posted as we can. Things sure change and move quickly!

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