Our Brave Little Man G

Just walked in the door from a very long day and am updating here (haven't been able to call anyone but Matt) before I sneak in some shut eye until Aiden wakes soon. So grateful Griffin is recovering well - thank you Lord!!

I got to Rush at about 10:30 this morning to spend some time with Griffin before surgery, which was scheduled for 2 but I was told could happen as early as noon. Griffin didn't actually go down to surgery until about 5:20pm and arrived back up to his bed at 7:00pm. When I left he was still in his transport bed but ready to move back into his regular bed. I was able to wait and feed him after surgery and he was absolutely famished!! All day I held him because he was starving and he was much too clever for the pacifier trick after awhile. Food is his #1 priority these days so he did so well having not eaten since 8am!

Post surgery, the surgeon did come up to the bedside and explained that the hernia on the right side was really big and it was a high risk procedure because of how fragile his tissue is. We have to pray for no infection as there is more risk with the amount of manipulation she had to do and the delicate nature of the surgery. He is on antibiotics to help prevent this and should an infection occur then he may incur damage to his right testicle...what is it with these boys and their testicles...ugh!!

Anyhow, Griffin was a champ!! We are so proud of him and hope for a very peaceful, restful and painless night for him. Of course once Liam saw the attention Griffin was getting then he started acting up followed by Beckham who isn't as dramatic as Liam, just plain hungry, so also got some quality cuddle time in with them.

Thanks for the prayers and please keep them coming! Liam will need the same exact surgery when he reaches about 7 lbs...which by the way....

Griffin is our chunky monkey at 5 lbs. 9 oz.
Beckham and Aiden next at roughly 5 lbs. 2 oz.
and Liam at about 3 lbs. 9 oz.

Good night...more to come...

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