All Home!

Well, I have not posted for a few weeks and that is because all of our boys have been home and we are trying to get into the swing of things as a family. Griffin came home on Monday, October 12th followed by Beckham on Wednesday, October 14th and then little Liam on Friday October 16th. What a week..phew! We are so very happy to have everyone home under one roof, the first time in MONTHS that we have all lived together. We waited, worked, and prayed for this moment for a long time!!

The trips to Rush were becoming draining with more babies home, and trying to get back daily for visits while having the right coverage in the car ride to bring each little man home and the right coverage at home to take care of the munchkins already there. During that time we relied heavily on a few key people to make it happen, who were willing and able to give us their time, and we thank you GREATLY for getting our babes home safe and sound. Dad and Helen, we could not have done it without you!

My last post was about Liam. He came home on a heart monitor. After a couple conversations with their doctors at Rush, we were able to come to this decision. Although the monitor is not so easy to get around with, it has provided us with a sense of peace in knowing when Liam is having a heart rate drop or episode of apnea. In addition, we purchased alarms for each crib to alert us of any apnea episodes. While we hoped to have never heard the alarms other than those we set off ourselves, we have and are so grateful to have another way to help us monitor our boys until they grow bigger and stronger and these episodes and concerns are behind us.

Here are some pictures of Griffin, Beckham, and Liam on their homecoming days!

Griffin leaving Rush. (thanks Nancy Hahn for the great blankets!)

Together again, Aiden & Griffin

Griffy in his bouncy seat
Beckham & Nurse Joyce
Joyce loved all of our boys, but she and Beckham had a special bond :)

Beckham Leaving Rush

Liam Leaving Rush...Bye bye Rush!

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