Busy Humble Bees

Spring is in the air...ahh!!!  We are busy bees around here getting ready for a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday.  We are hoping these funds will help with all the new gear, etc. the boys need, especially a new stroller!

Yet in the midst of the never ending pile of prepping that I am finding myself under, even with my love of all things organized, God always has a way of sending the make sure you stay focused on what is important message.

Last week Ethan asked how he could help the children in Japan and the idea he came up with is having a lemonade stand at our sale.  He heard of the Red Cross and their helping in Japan and we talked about how they help everywhere, even in the U.S., even right here in Illinois.  So, if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by for a glass of lemonade being served by the boy with the heart of gold.

Then today I received a call from a breast cancer charity, while I told them how I would love to help, right now we focus on raising money for Relay for Life and that Ethan is approaching (next month) his 5 year cancer-free milestone.  Her response could have come in 800 different shapes and sizes, but she chose...GOD bless your son m'am, bless your whole family and it came from her heart.

Yes it's springtime and yes we're working hard in the Krol home, but not too hard to let the goodness He so freely gives pass us by.

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