The Red Flyer Gang and more!

Our garage sale was a big success in our opinion and I will write more on that this week.  In the meantime, here are a couple fun videos...

The Red Flyer Gang...since Santa brought them at Christmastime, they have really mastered their little scooters and have formed their own little gang.  

We've been talking about colors and shapes for a long time now, and they now try drawing circles and they are starting to get it!  That is when they keep the crayons on the paper ;)  

Kids pick up on so much if you just sit down, take the time, and keep it fun.  Recently I took the grippy, non-slip rubber shelf liner (you can buy a whole roll for $3 at Target) and cut out shapes in a few different colors, we turn on some music and I have them stand on the shape.  They are getting the hang of it, except Griffin never wants to leave his green circle ;)  I will post some more ideas soon (and hopefully a video too)!  

*pay no attention to my voice, I am so not a fan of hearing myself on video*

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