A Few of Our Easter Faves

Here are a few Easter favorites for our boys...

Resurrection Eggs - for years we made our own but I couldn't find all the pieces this year, so I purchased a set from Hobby Lobby 1/2 off and we always go through them before Easter brunch with our family and our guests.  They go through the story of Easter in a very kid-friendly format.

Books - The Story of Easter, What is Easter, and our absolute favorite, maybe my favorite book ever, The Tale of Three Trees.  It is absolutely beautiful.  Ethan reads the story too sometime during our Easter gathering here.  If you haven't read it, you will probably shed a few tears when you do, it's just so meaningful.  Three trees, plain ol' ordinary trees dreamed of what they wanted to be and their dreams are fulfilled in the most amazing way...greater than they could ever have imagined for themselves.  I love giving this book as a gift, and you bet I will buy one for every single grandchild of mine too.  It encompasses everything about God's plan for us, it's just divine.  

Ethan was also gifted some mass books that he enjoys learning about different parts of mass and their meanings.  

DVD - while we love our Veggie Tales DVDs (E at the moment, and I am sure the little boys will too), I think the best explanation of Easter in DVD format is the Read and Share Bible DVD: EASTER.  It is in a way that is appropriate and just on for explaining Easter to kids.  It is so hard for us all, especially kids, to think of Jesus' suffering, and I like how this DVD puts it and the focus on his resurrection and our joy.

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