My Good Eggs

Phew, I feel like it should be 8pm!  We had such a fun artsy crafty morning (while fully aware though of the meaning of today being Good Friday).  E is off school and we decided to enjoy it in slow mode in our morning in pjs showing the boys our Easter egg traditions.

our colorful dot paint Easter egg playroom decorations

 E still loves the dot paints and I love they don't make such a mess
and are fun to use.  He made his all on his own, it says, "We Love You Juesus (Jesus)!"

E enjoying be the Art Teacher ;) 

The boys were saying dot, dot, dot, dot, so cute!

Dot paints are non-toxic, washable (awesome!) and scented although the little guys didn't get that yet and I wasn't too keen on them shoving the paint up their noses, maybe next time ;)  There are so many projects you can do with these paints.  I purchased them individually at our local Chalkboard store but you can buy a set a Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, probably any crafting store.  

And then it was time to dye Easter eggs!  

E reading the instructions and trying to figure out the tablet color, we try every year and I think have gotten it completely right once, tricky little things ;)


E wanted to help his brothers drop the eggs in..what a sweet big bro.
They loved it!  Can't wait for next year when they can be even more involved!  

aren't they beautiful?!!  

E did a little experiment, these were with vinegar, we're fans of dark bold colors, but we did some with lemon juice too for lighter springy colors.  

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