The List Continues...

Last Monday I shared the beginnings of my list...here are some of my additions since then...

32. sneaky boy smiles
33. Elmo cuddles 
34. four different ways to say ELMO (melmo, elmo, eye-eye, elbow)
35. boys in dad's hat
36. more toothless grins
37. sunglasses worn with attitude
38. footie-pj'd days
39. little boys clinging to my legs
40. a lineup watching big bro play outdoors
41. a harvest of fruit for the week (and organic too on sale!)
42. cars, wheels, all things facinating
43. a night of coffee-shop talking
44. a divine morning out...friends at every errand stop just for me (or so I'd like to think!) :)  

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! I loved your gratitude list. #39 especially made me smile! :)


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