Slowing Down

I am easily distracted...there I said it...

...wait what was I saying? ;) So I decided to do something about it. For those of you who aren't, I applaud you. It's a well-honed skill to be able to tune things out. Me, I have stubborn, determined blood running through these veins and by the grace of God that's clearly what sees me through to the finish at times.

I have given up Facebook for Lent, and while you're not supposed to shout it from the rooftops when you do give something up, I am saying it because I really don't miss it much. I miss the quick connections and keeping up with friends, knowing how they are doing, but that's really all. I have been keeping my laptop upstairs, it is deciding to have a meltdown of its own anyway, and only use the desktop.

I won't go as far to say that it has made me a better parent. I think having the connection to others even in the virtual world can be a very good thing. I am certainly not one to stand in judgement or suggestion, but I will say I have done more with the little free time I have. So like everyone I am just trying to find that balance and sometimes stepping away completely helps you do it.

From the time I became a mother I was always looking for ways to capture, slow down, be in the moment; but my perfectionist self then made it my personal quest. Find out how to slow down, like it is another thing to do on my list, as if there were a science to it, an answer. Instead during this Lent I am finding the truth. While I am so good at preparing, organizing, getting ready for the moment and trying to remember to be in the moment, sometimes I just don't let go and do it. Yep that Type A personality gets in the way. While it has served me well and is what God gave me, I am now learning how to work it more in my favor. I was really good at it when it was the three of us, but our world turned a very good but crazy topsy-turvy (and we needed a ton of structure and routine with four babies), but now I am centering it again, lightening up, and it feels good.

In this area I will always be a work in progress, but surrounding myself with other women and moms who feel this way, reading books and blogs with wisdom I treasure definitely helps. I love Katrina Kenison's books and blog. Stop by for a visit and enter a book giveaway she is hosting and read some of her inspiring words.

When I stop to think about the truth, all I really want is to create a home as a family, a home we love, a place that is God-centered, faithful, safe, secure, thoughtful, empathetic, kind, joyful, fun, silly, and more seven times over.  Sometimes the rest is just noise, gravy, embellishment, and when you take time to think about it, simple looks pretty darn good.  

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